Women’s Footprint in History

Women’s Footprint in History¬†features times where women were significant figures that contributed to the development of society through history until now. It is featured by UN Women trying to promote change, by stating facts that are relevant to the work of these women, towards making women and men equal. I chose this website because women deserve more recognition in a lot of fields in the world and they deserve to be considered as an equal and powerful gender, not anything that is less than a man. This website did not speak much of the organization, but it was stating facts that were essential to understanding the importance of women and their achievements, which can be often overlooked. Based on media ethics, the website did not exploit the identities of any of these women and promote honesty and awareness by using their real life achievements as well as related facts to educate makers and viewers. There were no strong impactful images used to shock viewers, but the facts can be considered impactful for a strong believer in equality; it empowers them.
Its self-reflection reflects upon makers and viewers, since the purpose was to support women of the world and that every woman is capable of something great. It is a simple, but truthful piece of activist media.
by Aeris Nguyen