Wollen, Peter. “Godard and Counter Cinema.” re audience thinking

“Godard’s cinema, broadly speaking, is within the modern tradition established by Brecht and Artaud, in their different ways, suspicious of the power of the arts- and the cinema, above all- to ‘capture’ its audience without apparently making it think, or changing it.”
– Peter Wollen

One comment on “Wollen, Peter. “Godard and Counter Cinema.” re audience thinking

  1. I chose this because it is something central we are thinking about all semester during our class. Even so many years ago with the advent of television, Americans were being drawn into this world that was so distant from reality, and they were finding escape in it and spending more time there than anywhere else. Now, we find that this phenomena is happening all over the world and has even expanded its impact through user-friendly media authorship technology. The power is ours- but we have to learn how to be responsible as well as “suspicious”.

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