This is the online site of the film collective Kino Fist. We run a more-or-less monthly film screening at the E:vent Gallery in Bethnal Green, London. We aim to show films that are both politically and aesthetically interesting and yet rarely screened. We also aim to reinstate the centrality of both the B-movie and the double bill to the cinema-going experience.

The articles reproduced on the site first appear in the magazine we produce to accompany each screening. Past topics include: Riefenstahl, Genet, Constructivism, Brecht, Sexpol, Fashion, Boredom, Chris Marker, Work and Red Space. We are always looking for contributions (texts, images, illustrations). Look out for the regular call for papers.

We have recently started to screen short work by non-mainstream film-makers. If you would like your film to be shown by Kino Fist, please email us.


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