Third World Media Network

Mission Statement

The Third World Media Network (TWMN) is an independent, international, non-profit organization of the working journalists from the least developed countries (LDCs). It is dedicated towards increasing the efficiency of reporters, feature writers, editorial staff and other media professionals in the member countries.
The TWMN also acts as a watchdog of press freedom across the world, particularly in the developing and least developed countries.
The role of media is gaining importance everyday in establishing a safe, peaceful and democratic world. TWMN is committed to carry on relentless efforts to exploit the full potentials of the media through education, research, training, advocacy, consultancy and assistance.
The TWMN also works in close cooperation with local and regional media organizations. Building on its extensive international network, the TWMN aims to operate as a facilitator and partner in a wide variety of projects that support peace, prosperity and development.


One of the major objectives of the TWMN is to provide a platform for journalists from the least developed countries to work together for the improvement of their professional standards and to try to adhere to fair professional practices.
The TWMN aims to inculcate among members the need to maintain high ethical standards and accuracy for enhancing the credibility of a free press, which is vital for development of any nation.
The TWMN aims to promote high quality journalism through imparting training, and providing a forum for discussion, debate, and exchanges of views and experience to the reporters, editors, media executives and other media professionals particularly in the LDCs.
It also aims to monitor and study the present and future challenges facing the media and support networks among media professionals within the LDCs and with other parts of the world.

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