Renoir, Jean. “Is the Cinema Art?”

“Fascism, like Communism, believes in progress. The followers of both creeds look to a social order based on technology…Progress is dangerous because it is based on perfect technology. It is its success which has distorted the normal values of life and compelled man to live in a world for which he was not intended.”

Jean Renoir, Ma Vie es Mes Films, “Is the Cinema Art?”, Pg. 124

One comment on “Renoir, Jean. “Is the Cinema Art?”

  1. The reason I chose this quote was because it highlights the connections between fascism and communism, and shows how progress is not necessarily the only motivation behind film making, especially documentary film making. After reading this article, it is obvious that some subjects are documented solely to recount a ‘real’ depiction of something in history. This real approach can be used as a political tool but does not rely on the technology of the camera to do so. The nature of that which is being shot is sufficient enough to communicate a message.

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