Pontecorvo, G. The Battle of Algiers 3of13 (1966)

When resentment of French rule in Algeria grew amongst the part of the population who felt they were treated like a colonized people in comparisson to the settlers of European origin (pieds-noirs) a vicious cycle of violence started between French forces and the pro-independence FLN (National Liberation Front) hitting civilians too. More and more people would join the resistance, be it in the form of physical force or civil disobedience …

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  1. This is one of the first films to be classified ‘Third Cinema’. It is a great portrayal of the Algerian war and an amazing story of the overthrow of the colonizing French government by the Muslim revolutionaries. The film was very much influenced by the Italian neo-realism. It focuses on the power relations between the colonizer and the colonized and the violence that is necessary to topple social domination.

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