Identity Theory is a regularly updated online magazine covering literature, music, film, social justice, and art.

The project launched in 2000 under the editorial direction of Matt Borondy, who still publishes the site with the help of more than twenty volunteer editors.

Within Identity Theory‘s thousands of pages of original content, you will find:

Over 200 author interviews featuring notable personalities like Howard Zinn, Jonathan Safran Foer, Chip Kidd, Azar Nafisi, Ethan Hawke, and Sarah Vowell.

Music interviews with envelope-pushing bands such as Animal Collective and Sleater-Kinney–as well as album reviews and music articles.

Short, innovative fiction. Recent favorites include “A Hard Truth About Waste Management” and “Amphibian.”

Creative nonfiction about everything from warblers to whales to the erotic art of dying.

Visual art including boxing images and photos of Guatemala and Cuba.

Film reviews and interviews.

A social justice section containing politically conscious material and a frequently updated weblog.

Book coverage describing new releases and industry news, and a blog that documents our reading experiences.

Quarterly poetry from all over the world.

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