Fanon, Franz. “On violence,” re decolinization

“Decolonization, we know, is a historical process: In other words, it can only be understood, it can only find its significance and become self coherent insofar as we can discern the history-making movement which gives in form and substance. Decolonization is the encounter between two congenitally antagonistic forces that in face owe their singularity to the kind of reification secreted and nurtured by the colonial situation. Their first confrontation was colored by violence and their cohabitation – or rather the exploitation of the colonized by the colonizer – continued at the point of the bayonet and under cannon fire… Decolonization is truly the creation of new men. But such a creation cannot be attributed to a supernatural power: The ‘thing’ colonized becomes a man through the very process of liberation.”

– Franz Fanon Chapter ‘On Violence’ pg. 2

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  1. This quote addresses the philosophical background and ideology behind the film movement ‘Third Cinema’. ‘Fernando E. Solanas and Octavio Getino the directors of the film ‘the hour of the furnaces’ were strongly influenced by the philosopher Franz Fanon. Third Cinema is a movement born out of the Third World, Franz Fanon analyzed third world politics and the effects of colonization on the citizens.

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