Enzenberger, HM, “C of a T of M,” re readers writing

Theory:  There are writers who in their work show an awareness of the fact that media with the characteristics of the monologue today have only a residual use-value.  Many of them admittedly draw fairly shortsighted conclusions from this glimpse of the truth.  For example, they offer the user the opportunity to arrange the material provided by the arbitrary permutations.  Every reader as it were should write his own book.  When carried to extremes, such attempts to produce interaction, even when it goes against the structure of the medium employed, are nothing more than invitations to freewheel.  Mere noise permits no articulated interactions.

Enzenberger, “Constituents of a Theory of the Media” in The Consciousness Industry (NY: Seabury, 1974), pp. 127-8

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