CamaroRod71, “this is wat u get 4 giving me a camera.” 2008

I was bored and had no homework so yea enjoy

2 comments on “CamaroRod71, “this is wat u get 4 giving me a camera.” 2008

  1. A rather cynical view on what happens when the media apparatus is democratized but uneducated,and, what appears to be, inspired by a mix of Hollywood “Action” and “Thug Life”.

  2. Not a media sculpture by any stretch given the fact that the marriage of both political and literal correctness necessary to define this as art is completely absent (as described by Benjamin). It is an excellent example, however, of the reality that new media is accessible to anyone, including young people. What happens when there is the lack of education necessary to use the medium in a thoughtful and responsible way? The camera, like a gun, is powerful, but can be extremely destructive if used without education.

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