Border Angels

In relation to my last post, which was about Border Angels and the work they do to help immigrants who are crossing the border, I decided to choose their site. Their site not only carefully explains how they help immigrants who are crossing the border but they give examples through video clips how they go about it and they voice immigrants stories too. Much like the AIDS activist movement, for the first time many of us can see how it feels like to be on the other side for once. With videos, short films and documentaries the voice of an immigrant is no longer a silenced one and we now know how to contribute to the movement. Border Angels branch out to other services as well; to help refugees from natural disasters, and educational programs and events that allow you to become a part of the cause and help out while learning about what it is you’re doing and how it affects immigrants and their families. My favorite part of this website is a section where they offer help directly to immigrants. Let’s say one who decided to take the journey across the border stumbled upon this website somehow, they would find tips and advice on how to travel as safely as possible along with numbers and hotlines that would direct you to services made directly to help you, all in your native language. by Julie Neira Campoverde