Black Lives Matter dot com

A website that I believe is engaged in ethical media praxis is A movement created in 2012, after the the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the trial thereafter, Black Lives Matter is a call to action to resist the complete disregard of black lives in our society, as well as a response to it. Not only does Black Lives Matter address issues of systematic racism and police brutality, but it also addresses issues in the black community, including the exclusion of women and lgbtq people at the forefront of the movement. serves a forum for individuals to learn about the movement (their motive, founders, and principles), bring to light specific issues through media/video and to get individuals involved in Black Lives Matter events in their local area, as well as joining organizational chapters. In addition, the media hashtag created by the group has helped bring awareness to police brutality through social media and other forums, giving them access to this information quicker and easier than before. by Olofunke Adeniyi