Artery: The AIDS-Arts Forum


Since the last World AIDS DAY, we’ve entered the Third Millenium and are on the brink of the third decade of the AIDS epidemic. The irony is that it’s clearer than ever that there are numerous AIDS epidemics, not just one. For many people with HIV/AIDS in the developed world, the situation has improved. But not so for the burgeoning populations with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, and the former Soviet Union. The time-honored axiom that every community has its own AIDS epidemic remains entirely apt.

Activism is far from Artery’s first exploration of activist AIDS-arts, but it is the first to explore the subject in a more general way: How do people become activists? How do politics and pleasure dovetail? How can AIDS issues be more broadly conceived? How can young people be “educated” in activism?

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