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three things about this site

I’m not as angry as you think. Yes, racism angers me. But I’m not here sitting in front of the computer, hating whitey and plotting revolution. This is just a subject that has always interested me β€” pointing out racism and noting any and all appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture (the good and the bad). It’s something I care about. So I’ve created a little space on the web for it all… I suppose the angry part sometimes scares people, but rest assured, I’m a pretty civil, reasonable guy. Just don’t cross me.

Everything is racist, but not everything is racist. Yes, I’ve been calling anything and everything racist. I’m only joking… some of the time. I think some people tend to take issue with my definition of ‘racist.’ Yeah yeah, I know. But for me, racism and ignorance all run together in the same club β€”it happens all the time, and I’ll be happy to point it out for you. It sometimes just helps to deal with it using a little humor. But I’m not organizing crusades and media campaigns against every little offensive thing I mention on this site.

These are my opinions β€” nothing more, nothing less. Don’t write in complaining about my lack of objectivity. This is just a place for me to express some of the things I observe and encounter, living my life as a regular Asian American guy in the United States. I’m not trying incite riot, and definitely not trying to win anyone over. This website is not intended to be any kind of reputable source for academic research, news reporting or political influence. It’s just me, a regular Asian American guy, writing about a few things that I find particularly noteworthy or interesting. More than anything, a place to express myself and work it all out. You’ll notice a large part of this site deals with Asians in pop culture and entertainment. Just stuff I dig, I guess. And if that connects with people and brings you to the site, so be it. If you disagree with the content on this site and my opinions offend you, well, that’s racist! No, just kidding. Go elsewhere, I guess.

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