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This is the online site of the film collective Kino Fist. We run a more-or-less monthly film screening at the E:vent Gallery in Bethnal Green, London. We aim to show films that are both politically and aesthetically interesting and yet rarely screened. We also aim to reinstate the centrality of both the B-movie and the […]

10. Cyberspace: The internet (1990s-present)

The digital terrain is at once a culmination and a beginning for the tradition of media praxis. On the net, time, place, and media collide, reformat, are archived, become one(s) (and zeros). Access expands; duration and attention decrease, creating new viewing practices and ethics. Many of the binaries that structure earlier moments in this history […]

Russian Modernism

russianmodernism.com A web-site built by USC’s —– program.

Learning from YouTube

Learning from YouTube This YouTube channel is about the Pitzer College Media Studies class, Learning From YouTube, held in, on, and about YouTube in Fall, 2007: all research, assignments and classes occurred on and about the site.

Juhasz, A. “The Vernacular and the Visual” (2008)

Juhasz, A. “Bad Video: From meaning to Feeling” (2008)

In my Tour #4, The Vernacular, Visual and the Vlog, I propose that there are two dominant forms of video YouTube: the vlog, characterized by its poor quality and vox populi, and the corporate video, easily identifiable because it is all the vlog is not: high quality production values referring to corporate culture. My students […]

Juhasz, A. “I Call for the Death of Cinematography,” 2008

Juhasz, Alexandra. “Mp:me, Variant of a Manifesta, 2008”

(After “WE: Variant of a Manifesto,” Dziga Vertov, 1922) I call myself MP:me (Media Praxis : Alexandra Juhasz)—as opposed to “cinematographer,” one of a herd of machomen doing rather well peddling slick clean wares. I see no connection between true femi-digi-praxis (the integration of media theory, digital practice, and feminist politics in an historical context) […]

Media Praxis: Integrating Theory, Practice and Politics

Media Praxis Alexandra Juhasz’s blog about the integration of media theory, practice and politics: “I am committed to “Media Praxis”: thinking about and making lively, intelligent, opinionated, democratic media. Media that looks to history, theory and politics as well as real people’s needs and experiences. I believe that making and seeing such work feeds people, […]

Artery: The AIDS-Arts Forum

Artery Since the last World AIDS DAY, we’ve entered the Third Millenium and are on the brink of the third decade of the AIDS epidemic. The irony is that it’s clearer than ever that there are numerous AIDS epidemics, not just one. For many people with HIV/AIDS in the developed world, the situation has improved. […]