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06. Ethnographic Film in the Decolonizing Third World (1970s-80s)

Media praxis within ethnographic film restructures many of anthropology‘s founding positions. The naming of unequal relations of power, difference, and knowledge production between the anthropologist (author) and the Third World or indigenous native (subject) is both subject and method of this tradition. Writes Jean Rouch, “every time a film is made there is cultural disruption.” […]


http://www.nfb.ca/nollywood-babylon (website coming soon) A compelling look at the third largest movie industry in the world – in the heart of Africa. Nollywood Babylon is a feature documentary about the explosive popularity of Nigeria’s movie industry. The film drops viewers into the chaos of Lagos’ Idumota market. Here, among the bustling stalls, films are sold […]

soundgasms, Rize Score Suite

a clip from the 2005 movie “Rize” http://soundgasms.blogspot.com

Rouch, Jean. Cine-Ethnography.

“In every film made there is cultural disruption.”

Third World Newsreel

Third World Newsreel Mission Third World Newsreel (TWN) is an alternative media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation and dissemination of independent film and video by and about people of color and social justice issues. It supports the innovative work of diverse forms and genres made by artists who are intimately connected to their […]

GVC, “Vietnam – A Women’s Caravan,” 2007

A new project in Vietnam run by Italian NGO – GVC – aimed at giving ethnic minority women a chance to have their say in the community.

Rony, Fatimah. “The Third Eye,” re Bride of Kong

I am watching myself being pictured as a Savage. I am the Bride of Kong.

Rony, Fatimah. “The Third Eye,”

Perhaps we Savages, plunged into darkness, do understand each other. What we share is the ability to see with the “third eye.”…for a person of color growing up in the United States, the experience of viewing oneself as an object is profoundly formative…a double consciousness…We turn to the movies to find images of ourselves reflected […]

Rony, Fatimah. “The Third Eye” re ethnographic time

The people depicted in ‘ethnographic film” are meant to be seen as exotic, as people who until only too recently were categorized by science as Savage and Primitive, of an earlier evolutionary stage in the overall history of humankind: people without history, without writing, without civilization, without technology, without archives. In other words, people considered, […]

Rony, Fatimah. “The Third Eye,” re fascinating cannibalism

The obsessive consumption of images of a racialized Other known as the Primitive is usefully labeled fascinating cannibalism. By “fascinating cannibalism” I mean to draw attention to the mixture of fascination and horror tha the “ethnographic” occasions. 10