MANIFESTOS, FALL 2017, Brooklyn College Activist Media

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  1. BCI ( Brooklyn College Immigrants)
    Luisa, Mike, Julie, Julia and Chris

    As filmmakers, we are the voice of those who have been silenced. Our purpose is to have a positive impact on our subjects and audience by presenting an informative and substantive narrative.

    We will be objective in our approach to storytelling
    We will be honest in our presentation of facts and findings in order to preserve the authenticity of our work
    We will respect the subjects of our film and not exploit them for personal gain
    We will portray an authentic retelling of our subjects’ stories with compassion in regards to their humanity
    We will educate our audience through engaging in media praxis

  2. Morals on Piracy
    Chopin, Krista

    Mission Statement: Find a middle ground to piracy.

    Many students pirate books, whether they will admit to it or not. Our goal is to find a solution to academic piracy that will serve students who need access to affordable textbooks, and the authors who need credit and compensation for the work that goes into writing them.

    Action plan:
    1). Have a couple of questions to ask students about their inputs on privacy.

    2). Ask different students with different majors for their input.

    3). Ask teachers for their input about their students pirating stuff for their class.

    4). Go around campus and set up an interview with students.

  3. Team Strange

    The Manifesto of Individuality

    As a global community of human beings, our individuality is paramount to our existence. What makes us “different” is what makes us vitally important to society. Individuality exists on a spectrum and ‘our project’ highlights the differences among people focusing on gender, sexuality, race, and culture. This individuality may not always manifest itself in a physical form and we aim to visualize how people’s personality can be expressed in different forms, as well as be influenced by the environment they are in, and/or who they are surrounded by. While Individuality may sometimes be outlandish or eccentric, it can also be held within and remain an essential component of who you are. Individuality is crucial to our existence and ‘our project’ aims to illuminate the differences that make us who we are as human beings.

  4. My Life, My Beauty

    Jody, Larry, Angelica, Tatiana and Sunny


    A view on beauty and what it means individually, universally and culturally. The truths behind the beauty industry and the targeting of our wallets via our insecurities. We want to ask different people from all socio-economic backgrounds what they believe beauty is. The purpose is to challenge the universal standard of beauty as to the individual, or group, racial definitions of beauty.

  5. Manifesto by Erald Kraja and Mamadou Dialo

    Look at this window and see what the future holds for all of us. We don’t want to live under water nor breathing carbon dioxide more than oxygen. This is just a small 80″ display of our future, which, in a few years, will be spread out of its borders. So, think ahead, don’t you wish that this imperfect Paradise would stay forever?

  6. Marco Ethics Post
    The ethics of my groups project I believe is to use video montage as a means of constructing an interconnectivity between unique individuals so that others like them may feel more liberated to fully express their authentic selves in everyday life. We mean to do this by showing an unglamorized or sensationalized look into these individuals, lives, hobbies and habitats through means of a video that would be circulated across social media platforms. We do so with the full cooperation and consent of those captured on film and give several an opportunity to tell their story in their own words through a spoken word interview that can be used to promote and advance the core video project itself.

  7. Ethics and Goals for Waiting For Sun.
    Gentrification, patriarchy, racism, and misogyny are some of the collective symptoms that we witness and live with day to day, generation after generation. We build bridges towards personal healing and co-creation towards collective peace and joy through solidarity with one another and self-reflection; of our actions and the lessons of our ancestors. Waiting for Sun was produced in the spirit of collaboration and respectful conversations across generations and genres through art making. Without a budget or institutional support, we were able to manifest a shared vision of solidarity and love for women of color art makers who are often marginalized, omitted and historically pit against one another. Defying the conventions of capitalist market-driven filmmaking, Waiting for Sun, is poetry that steps out of the page and the screen, into our hearts and minds.

  8. Ethics post:
    The ethics that we considered in our manifesto project include not exploiting ourselves or our topic and benefit capitally, as our discussions should only spread the message of our project, not trying to capitalizing from its sensitivity and high-profile discussions. Initially, we planned on interviewing different groups of people and trying to show the effects of colonizing in a post-colonial society, and especially focuses on our views on our skin tones, but later on, we have decided that we are the best subjects for this topic, as each of us went through different experiences with this topic. Surprisingly enough, we all grew up in a country that was previously colonized, but it’s not that surprising, really.

    We never felt exposed or exploited from listening to our own stories, as we consider them to be personal experiences that were inevitable to happen, but we are mainly excited to be able to tell our stories and our experiences to really demonstrate what we went through. Using an interview-like way of filming and having casual conversations, we were able to show ourselves without showing ourselves. We never felt exposed, we never felt wronged, but we feel how we feel when we tell our stories: heard.

  9. I think it is very simple to distill our ethics down to one simple word: truth. We want to tell the truth of the discrimination that people all over the US face because of the amount of melanin they happen to possess. We are doing this by telling our own truths, and editing it into a type of very personal documentary video. The intent is to show the video to family, friends, and I believe to children who will hopefully feel empowered after watching it.

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