MEDIA PRAXIS takes these truths as self-evident:

1. When used within a project of world or self-changing, media production benefits from conversation with media history and theory.

2. Theories of political media gain from a close interaction with media production.

3. The history, aesthetics and theories of media have been led by practices, analyses, and actions focused on social change; we have much to learn from this history.

MEDIA PRAXIS allows users to engage the three statements above by creating their own integrations. Sampling from our archives of political media production, theory, and on-line practice (to which users can also add resources), users can create “media integrations” that exhibit lively linkages between thinking, doing, and acting with digital media.

Making use of the discrete powers of the digital, MEDIA PRAXIS allows for the histories and theories of political media to become more accessible while facilitating new connections across media, time, and place. MEDIA PRAXIS locates and archives additional resources, and supports new political media practices.

AndMEDIA PRAXIS invites you to join this heralded tradition.

Joris IvansJoris Ivans